Tried to reload my phone during lunch today when I was out with my colleagues just now. Left them at the restaurant while I went to the phone vendors in the Giant Hypermarket. None of them had a DiGi prepaid reload, so I thought I might as well go back to the restaurant. Here’s where the freaky bit comes in.

I was looking at my phone when I was walking back to the restaurant, but I still looked up once in a while to see where I was going. As I did, I saw this dishevelled-looking dark-skinned guy in a pink shirt ahead. He passed by me, and then he did an about turn and seemed to walk alongside me. I was freaked, so I took an extra step to the side and walked faster. I thought he was going to try to steal my phone or something.

As I walked faster and went inside the restaurant (there were two waiters at the door to welcome customers, thank Gods), I heard him shouting something like, “Go back and work” in Malay. When I sat down, I turned and saw him coming up to the entrance of the restaurant. According to my colleague, the guy did come in and he talked about something at the counter. I have no idea what it was, but that was simply freaky.

Not to mention, if he thought I was a Muslim and that I should have been fasting, it’s not the way to shout at people in public about that now, is it?


2 thoughts on “Freaky”

  1. That’s what these radical ones do… Heck my friend got scolded in public for not fasting just because he looks like a malay. He’s refused food at every stall unless he takes out his IC to show them (even then some of the malay stalls still refuse). That’s just plain sad rofl… Then again, he’s a guy :/

    His solution? Bring his own lunch and everything’s fine… 😀

    Geminianeyes: I absolutely refuse to show my IC unless they’re police personnel. Call me paranoid, but I’d rather not flash my IC number around, you never know if they’re identity thieves.

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