I’ve actually meant to do this for quite some time now, but I keep forgetting, and when I do remember, I’m too lazy to post it. So, what is it that I keep delaying?

It’s my post to ask who reads this blog and why do you guys keep coming back. ^_^ As most of you would know, I love procrastinating and being lazy, so I’ve used a Poll that’s from Advertlets requesting just the basic details: what do you do, how old you are, and whether you’re Male or Female. If you’re neither, both and confused, please let me know! It’d be cool to know that I have such readers (mainly cause I would like to meet you guys in real life! :P)

After this I got to figure out how to get the theme I’m using now to hide the sidebar. I’m actually still not satisfied with it, and I need to prod [Edrei] who’s on a sem/mid-sem break now to help. As you can tell, I don’t like having too many things in the sidebar. While I AM a messy person by Nature, I don’t like seeing messy things on my own blog. Makes it harder for me to look for things.

Which reminds me that I need to look into updating my WP to 2.3. (Thanks [Pelfy] for the reminder!) You know, I realise that this is more fun than Puzzle Pirates, which I have been addicted to for the past two weeks. But nothing still beats GaiaOnline, which I enjoy the most.

Also, as /. is turning 10 this year, anyone know of any /.parties in the neighbourhood?

Edit: Taken the poll/ad down. Need to double check with Advertlets as to whether only the poll can be shown without the ads. Sorry about that. Thanks again [Pelfy] for the heads-up!

Baby edit: Ok, to get to the poll, look on the right sidebar for the Advertlets widget. If you don’t see the poll, click on the arrows in a circle to refresh. It should bring up the poll. I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

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