National Pride

Should we be proud of this?

No, I don’t think so. Besides being a misuse of public funds, it’s nothing more than an ego boost for Najib. Just like NS and other projects. Putting him in charge of Defense, while limiting his damage, has done worse for the rakyat’s pocket. He has the anger of schoolchildren who have been forced to learn the useless Pendidikan Moral (Moral Studies) in school, not to mention forcing those who could have gotten into the English Tertiary Ed (the day KBSM/KBSR was introduced, Malaysian students seeking to further their studies in the UK were forced to undergo an English language proficiency test) to undergo an additional test. Apparently STPM was no longer enough.

Also, I think a lot of students here will agree, SPM is nothing but a joke. It used to be WORTH something, but not any more.

Looks like last weekend was “Sugarcoating Weekend.” Read the NST for more info. Blergh.

5 thoughts on “National Pride”

  1. Feels like the 24-hour food availability will my only pride as a Malaysian.

    Geminianeyes: Are you sure that’s something to be proud of considering the hygiene of some of these places?

  2. I’ll just have to make the best guesses about that if my savor for mamak food distracts my generalization of hygiene of those places. I just happen to know some places which are clean. Until some significant issue is predictable, I take my chances.

  3. SPM is seriously worth nothing,not even peanuts.The Pendidikan Moral is retarded,like,”Oh,you got a 4B,so you must be morally corrupted.”And yes,some people judge them by their results.Believe me.

    (My case was some joker asked,”You got 4B?Aiyo!”I said,”Wanna see my BL pron folder?”XDDD.Mercifully,parents dont give a damn bout Moral.XD)

    Geminianeyes: Hahahah! That one was priceless! Truth to be told, the Moral values sometimes conflict with each other. Take this case someone told me appeared in their paper:

    The maid is given a chance to study further by her employers. Someone then discovers that she’s highly intelligent, and she gets a scholarship to further her studies. Now, should she take the chance?

    According to Moral, she shouldn’t. There are two values in conflict here: showing gratitude and furthering yourself. Apparently because she’s already studied, she doesn’t need to grab the opportunity because her employers have already given her the chance. She should be content to repay their kindness by continuing to work for them. Apparently that’s the MORAL thing to do.


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