Just One Melody- Saya Diva

Not the title doesn’t mean that I’m a Diva. It’s a song dedicated to two of the most tragic sisters I know. Saya and Diva from Blood+. Most defining moment?

Take Me With you!
Why Me?

No, don’t leave me!
Onee-san, help me!
No, take me with you!


These are the fruits of the womb. Born of the same mother, being of the same kind, yet raised in such different circumstances that they are unable to reach for each other. The Sun and the Moon. No, the distance was too far apart.

Childbirth changes everything. Her sister’s blood could still kill her, but she could no longer harm her elder sister. Yet in those last moments, perhaps, hopefully, she knew, she realised, that her elder sister DID love her. Like little children they had fought. They had fought, and wounded each other. One survived, but not because she wanted to. Blood is thicker than water, but friendship is a bond, and love is forever. For these two, who knew each other, and yet did not, it was a painful separation.

“Take me with you!” she had cried, trying desperately to put her sister’s arm back so she would come back to life. But like a broken doll, she could not be fixed.

“Onee-san…” she called out to her sister in her moment of terror, reaching for the only person she could reach for. The only one who mattered. The only one perhaps, who could save her.

Despair. Sometimes there are things you cannot teach.

“Would you take this chance? Make it all right again?” she would ask, if she got the chance.

The other woman stayed silent. Perhaps it would be best if she did not answer. For who knew Diva, but Diva herself?