Never forget

Two updates today regarding Nurin:

If you haven’t heard, Nurin’s uncle, their family, and several other Netizens are currently in the process of setting up a Nurin Alert, so that no child, male or female, becomes another Nurin. I was supposed to blog about this yesterday but it slipped my mind in the midst of work.

The second update is one that’s cause for more joy. WE HAVE NEW LEADS ON THE POTENTIAL ABDUCTORS/SUSPECTS! The police have released enhanced CCTV footages that have connections to the case. If you know something about the case, please tell it to the cops! I hope they do their jobs, but I honestly cannot tell you just how happy I am that the case has NOT been forgotten.

On one hand, I hope they catch the asshole before he can touch another child. On the other, I can’t help wishing that he would die soon, because I’m sure that no matter how bloodthirsty we are, we can’t come close to Divine Punishment. I’m afraid though, that his punishment will be lesser in the afterlife if he’s caught, but at the same time, I’m worried for the safety of the children.

Gods hold the littles on their hands and keep them safe.

3 thoughts on “Never forget”

  1. Actually, I was thinking along the same lines too. Perhaps we are just too familiar with our country and our legal systems to know that that animal will never be put on the mandatory death row, that was why we secretly wished that he would be killed in an accident or something.

    And please don’t tell me that he will only be sent for a life sentence, because, d*mnit, I don’t want our taxes to go to feeding animals. I’d rather my taxes go to needy persons instead!

    Geminianeyes: HEAR HEAR! For me though, I have a rather effective punishment which I doubt they’ll use. Simply cause it’s a bit too barbaric for some people.

    First you whip him. Then smear honey all over him and tie him to a kerengga tree on a hot sunny day for 24 hours. Then toss him into prison after treating his wounds.

    Let’s see how long the bastard will last.

  2. Hi Geminianeyes, thanks for your support of the Nurin Alert. Please channel all that anger for the Citizens for Nurin Alert. We are counting on all bloggers who feel strongly about this to come join us to prevent another Nurin. I’ve added you on my Bloggers for Nurin Alert blogroll.


    Geminianeyes: Thanks for the addition. I truly hope this will become a reality!

  3. Hi Geminianeyes, I noticed some changes around this blog. Don’t worry all moms and dads are like that when their kids grow up. Empty nest syndrom. Thet need to be weaned gently.

    Am alerting you about the latest issue of TELL magazine. It’s all about NURIN Alert. Blog about dear! Let all you love know about it.

    Take care!

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