Shoes and Me


On a note related to the title but not the above: Went shopping with Otousan, Mintos, and Zymz. Apparently today I was not fated to have shoes. At first the few I saw did not really appeal to me, while the only pair I tried made me feel like the soles of my feet were on the smooth marble floor of the shopping complex, rather than being separated by a nice, thick sole. Jumping up and down and then taking a few steps only reinforced the feeling. More specifically, I imagined walking to work, and the image of hard, sandy pavement on a hot afternoon or a cold evening with the water soaking into my feet and making me feel soggy was NOT what I wanted.

The second shoe place we tried, much MUCH later, had men’s shoes that I loved! They were cute and quirky and COMFY!!! YES COMFY IS VERY IMPORTANT. Two problems:

No size (normal)
The other side is missing (NOT normal)

Sigh. Ah well. I nearly got a dress, but decided against it till I got the shoes first. That dress was so military style-ish! For RM80… SO TEMPTING TO GET!! Shoes more important though. 😛 Going on Thurs with Mintos darling to see if I can get some at Pyramid.

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  1. What time will you be going to Pyramid on Thursday? My class ends at 12, I have nothing after that. :O

    Geminianeyes: Um… I’m going after work, at 6?

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