Tampon Broadband?

Maxis and Celcom have both come out with their own versions of wireless broadband. Apparently they use the same device, but looking at the way it’s advertised just tickles me pink.

Here, have a picture! Will post Celcom’s when I find the ad later.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

2 thoughts on “Tampon Broadband?”

  1. Err.. Actually, I’m more interested in knowing how this works. I mean, is it expensive? Unlimited use?

    Don’t really care if it looks like a tampon. Or whether it looks like one. As long as it isn’t very much bigger than a pendrive 🙂

    Geminianeyes: I think that’s the size thereabouts. Still, I find it amusing, especially since when I first saw Celcom’s ad I thought it was a pad. 😛

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