Teh-O Spesial Delivery!

Ganked this from Teh-O jie jie (jie jie is elder sister in Chinese). We need books like these in the market, no matter how scary. Though I WOULD change some of the messages.

Things I would change, so I don’t spoil who haven’t seen the thread:

    Prosecute that Uncle till Kingdom come. Forgiveness may be granted, but there’s no guarantees just how many children would be traumatised by that same man.

    Teach the children that it’s not wrong being gay

    I don’t quite agree that being homosexual can be cured (the part of turning because you missed your dad’s love sounds a bit off to me) but I would say that it’s not something unfound in Nature, and that if they’re really happy with that, I would accept them

    Press home the message of accepting yourself, since God accepts you the way you are too