Cut because I don’t want to extend the page, but basically: (Also profanity abounds)

Right, so if we want to go on trips on our own without holding your hands it’s a bad thing, is it? We still have to *ask* your permission, instead of just telling you? Right.


I’ve planned this trip for a long time already, so don’t think that I’m going to give in simply because you said “Don’t make me lose my temper.”

You’ve already made me lose my life once. What the fuck makes you think I’m going to let you walk all over me again? Just because you’re going through a mid-life crisis doesn’t mean I’m going to let you use me as something you can control.

A lot of people think that like many others, I don’t mean it when I curse my father to die. I DO. I mean it when I say that I wish he would just die, so at least mom can clear all his debts, use the insurance money to clear the mortgage and what not, and then relax. Perhaps she’ll be lonely, but I think that she’ll be able to have a life outside of work again. Dad had severely limited her social life when they first got to know each other, because he was afraid that he would lose her as he was just a manual labourer then and she was after all, a rich man’s daughter. Now, Mom finds it difficult to go out and talk to people, and outside of work, she has no friends.

Yes it’s that sad and I don’t intend for that to happen to me.

That and bro might finally have to wake up and shoulder responsibilities, which would not be too bad. It would be interesting to see how he grows and either mature, or just wallow in his lala land now that Dad is happy to indulge him in. I know that if my dad wants to he can get my brother to look for another job or something, but the fact that he’s not even making an effort and more or less condoning my brother’s relaxation speaks volume about the double standard.

Fucking male chauvinist pig.

I do hope you die soon, and I hope you die in a way that brings you pain. I’ve had it with your control issues and low self-esteem. It’s your problem if you have a fucking male superiority complex and a inferiority complex when it comes to rich people. Not my fucking fault you can’t handle them.

Fuck. I still haven’t forgiven you your comment that if I love my grandmother, I should just forget about falling in love with a Muslim even if I don’t see her. So says the man who ADMITS he doesn’t visit my grandmother because she smells. That’s a fucking lame excuse for not visiting grandma. I know if I use it, I would probably be smacked, but why should he get away with it? Because he’s the “man” of the house?

Anyone who can say that about their mother deserves to die a horrible death. I just hope he doesn’t take us down with him.


2 thoughts on “Screams”

  1. OK. My father left Mum with my sister and I for a younger woman about a decade ago, and though he had never shouldered much of his responsibilities as a father, I had never wished for him to die.

    So your father must have done something horrible to you.. *hugs*

    Geminianeyes: *Hugs* My dad is basically a hypocrite, and I cannot stand people like those (he taught me that, the irony). Also not to mention that he made me switch schools from a public to private school just because he didn’t like the guy I was seeing then, badmouthed my ex, and actually DEMANDED that if a guy wants to date me, they have to come to him first and ask permission. He wants them to kiss his ass basically, to date me. -_-”

    All these pale in comparision to what he said about my grandmother. Considering the reverence I have for the woman who raised me and my mother, and that I was taught to revere, respect, honour and love my grandmother and mother, this is the biggest insult and grievance for me. HOW DARE HE TALK ABOUT HIS OWN MOTHER LIKE THAT? And he was the one who told me to respect her too!

    So yes, I cannot, and WILL NOT, forgive him the insult he made. I NEVER WILL.

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