Of the Websites we surf…

Anyone who’s seen me on IM would know that I’m more or less on the Net 90% of the time, minus time taken out to eat, sleep, or even the toilet. I spend a lot of time in front of the comp, playing games, talking to friends, reading blogs/news, writing, or even just relaxing on Gaia Online. There are a few websites I use, and one of them belongs to that lovely little IM box you see in my sidebar.

Yes, Meebo is a wonderful thing. It’s a nifty little browser-based IM that combines Jabber (GTalk’s and LJ’s protocol) along with AIM, MSN and even ICQ. There are probably a few more that they have that I didn’t mention, but I kind of doubt they have QQ, the Chinese IM with the Penguin (correct me if I’m wrong people).

Meebo’s one of those companies that truly puts the users in their focus. I love the fact that they actually managed to come out with an effective way to transfer files, though it still doesn’t allow you to accept files from your friends. Still, it’s turning into a rather interesting Web app, and I for one love it.

Thing is, I don’t ask for much from Meebo because they’ve already given me what I need: The ability to talk to my friends using different IMs without the need to install clients to do the same thing (Pidgin, Trillian to name a few) or to have a couple hundred windows open to respond to IM (especially during role-playing). That and I have had people who used the MeeboNao widget to contact me. Which is rather cool. IMHO. :p

What initially made me squee with delight was this post from the Meebo Team. The ability to have it as just a sidebar is quite a feat, but as of now you still have to have the main meebo window open for it to work properly.

Sigh… Looks like I’ll have to wait till they move the main window out. Till then though, I’ll still enjoy Meebo without the extension. VIVA LA MEEBO!