Love Is

Inspired by this entry. And dedicated to all marrying/married couples. May you continue to choose to love, come what may.

Love is
More than just a declaration
It is an action

Love is..
More than just words
It’s a mother’s touch

Love is
More than building things
It’s playing together with the one who will enjoy it the most

Love is
Simple, Kind and Gentle
Never Fickle, Always Constant

Love is
Changing diapers
Even if they’re old enough to do so

Love is
Not only Understanding
It is accepting

Love is
A friend that offers a shoulder
Holds your hand
A cup of tea
Soothing, warming, comforting
Never judgemental
Always supporting

Love is
Care, Kindness
Grace, Joy
Never Proprietary

Love is
A Right
A priviledge
A Gift

Love is
A choice.