Nanowrimo, Charity and Videos

Yes, I’ve gone and done it after telling everyone that I wouldn’t.

I signed on for Nanowrimo this year. 50k words or Bust! yo!

That aside, every year Nanowrimo helps builds libraries, raising funds via helpful Nanowrimans (as we’re called, I belive) who donate directly to them. This year, I’ve noticed, they have a beautiful way for people like me to donate who have no Credit Card and yet would like to help (which is fantastic, as the libraries are concentrated in South East Asia now).

One of them is via a search engine called “Goodsearch.” Created by Yahoo, for every search done, Yahoo/Goodsearch donates a percentage to The Office of Letters and Light, which is the charity handling it this year for Nanowrimo. Using a search engine to generate revenue isn’t a new idea; Yahoo is also behind another “search and pay” site called, which has become pretty much a spam site.

While using Goodsearch, I decided to put in “Geminianeyes” and see what came up. I found a video that was made back in 2007 created by Jinja. It was made during a very random blogger’s meet in 2006, when Edrei, Ti, me and someone else (whom I’ve forgetten) met up with Jinja, a Cambodian blogger (he’s moved to Cambodia) who came down for a conference.

Le video be here. It’s two years old btw.

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