Not breaking things

Although I knew I made it sounds like I was going to fight with that man about the Penang trip a few blogposts back, I made a promise with [Raz] that I wouldn’t fight with him (Much). So yesterday I finally gathered up the courage and asked him in passing whether I could go. (The reason was I wanted to go for the Bangsa Malaysia thing, which I do)

So after a brief chat yesterday, he came back to me with a resounding no, while mom accused me of wanting to go up to see a certain someone. I denied it, and talked to her a bit more, and then I went back to my room to report the results. Sigh. I wonder if they knew that it was only because of [Raz] that I didn’t fight with them again and take the risk of breaking this family.

In any case though, that was last night. This morning, in a half-groggy state, I’m awoken by that man telling me that yes, I can go to Penang, but there would be no more personal trips next time. My bro and I would have to go with the family if we wanted to go on trips (yeah, right). Me was quietly ecstatic. However, this was broken a few minutes later by him saying that this Sunday we were supposed to go visit grandfather.

This is how I feel now. OTL. Imagine a person on their hands and knees, and yes you get it.