Ratio of Car to Ego

About 1:15. Even more so when you’re in a Pajero, apparently.

Was coming out of a parking space today when the above happened. As there were cars double parked on both my sides, I had to come out pretty carefully. I waited my turn as I was coming out, and when I saw the road was clear after this BRIGHT red BMW (I remember it was bright red cause it was so shiny) I came out.

I did not see a Pajero suddenly rushing towards me. I only realised he was there when he honked at me and I saw him approaching from the corner of my eye. As it was too late to stop (if I had I would be blocking the road) I quickly put up a hand in apology and drove out as fast as I could. Mr Pajero didn’t like it.

From my rearview mirror, I saw him slow down, and then pick up speed as though he wanted to ram my car. The first thought that came to mind was: “Go ahead. The police station is up ahead. Come and kiss my car if you dare.” In fact, I slowed down, but mainly because I was approaching a junction and there were other cars around too.

As we passed the junction, there was about perhaps half a car’s length space between me and the car in front of me. Mr Pajero speeded up and overtook me. I slowed down to give him the space, suspecting that he wanted to cause trouble. As the car in front of him speeded up and he kept pressing the brake, I decided not to give him the opportunity to do so.

He started weaving left and right, trying to provoke me to overtake him so he could ram me or something. I didn’t take the bait. Instead, I put on my right turn signal and turned at the next junction into Glomac, which is a small area of lots of shops. As I did, he pulled over to the left, trying to make a U-Turn, I think. I didn’t wait. I turned as soon as I could and tried to disappear into the shops.

I did, because I didn’t see him following me. The area I chose to come out to was not too far from the junction, because they were all interconnected. I didn’t see him waiting, so I came home as soon as I could.

On the way home as well there were one or two scares, because at one point I had a car slowing down in front of me and another very close to me. I put my signal to turn again. When the car in front of me turned, I went straight instead and the car behind me followed the first. Never was I so relieved that I lived near home.

Gah ego and cars.