Gaybar outing:
24 Nov
8pm onwards?

Venue: WHERE?

Suggested Liquid but it’s in Pasar Seni, which means after the BDay Bash we have to go take a train/bus/drive to Pasar Seni, Central Market. Dimmie, what’s the name of the bar behind KL Plaza you were talking about in the previous entry?

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  1. I believe Dimmie is referring to Blue Boy, a 20-year-old gay club in Jalan Sultan Ismail. It’s one of the oldest, if not THE oldest, gay club in Malaysia. Heard quite a lot of good and bad things about the place…mostly good. The bad is basically that it is sleazy and dirty and overpriced. But atmosphere and ambience is PERFECT! Friendly and draws a huge crowd after 11pm. It’s recently had a facelift, so it should be much better than before.

    Since the B’day Bash is at Izzi’s, will be more convenient if we go to Blue Boy. Besides, Liquid, according to my sources, is now frequented more by trannies and lesbians. ^_^ So, if you prefer to see the guys molested rather than you yourself and your sisters/daughters :p, Blue Boy is the place to go. Heh!

    I’m up for where ever you guys decide to go. :p

  2. No website, used to have but don’t know what happened to it.

    Blue Boy
    50 Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL (around the corner from the Regent )
    03 2142 1067; email –
    In an alley, with government sign in Malay about homosexuality

    What some people are saying about Blue Boy:

    “Blue Boy is Kuala Lumpur’s longest running gay venue with a loyal crowd of regulars. Some call it cosy, others dingy, but there is no doubt that Blue Boy is always full on weekends with a mix of younger trendy Asians, older white men and a few tourists.” –

    “I met these men about 2 AM the night before as they took a breather from the noise and smoke inside the Blue Boy bar/disco. I had gone to see what this popular place looked and sounded like, as if I didn’t know already. (If there’s one thing that seems to be universal, it’s the ‘gay bar’ look: dark walls and ceiling, mirrored barback lined with liquor bottles, the smell of beer, the thunderous and deafening sound system, flashing lights bouncing shards of color off the mirrored dance ball, the DJ hovering over his mixer to keep the dozens or hundreds of dancing boys hopping on the floor, some shirtless, all sweaty and not a few riding high on some stimulant.” –

    ” “Blue Boy has been expanded and now includes a chill area and new toilets. It is still as busy as ever. It starts to get crowded after 11pm. The entry charge is R$18 including first drink.”

    “I went to Blueboy last Sat after midnight. A lot of people. A mix of races; caucasian, black, Malay,etc. Saw many nice guys there. Around 2am was a dance show and it was quite interesting. Although not a clean place, it is really not that bad. The entrance fees was R$20 and included a free drink. But I think one drink is not enough, if they want people to stay a bit longer.”

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