Fuel increase again? NOOOO

So this year we were very much cushioned. The Govt has so far kept to its promise of not raising the fuel prices after that massive RM0.30 increase early this year. However I’ve been told by some that we’re looking at a whopping RM0.70 sen increase. That would mean RM1 increase from the past one year.

You know, if we had not sent up those two clowns up in Space but sent Najib instead, I would have considered that RM90mil well spent. Provided of course, that it’s a one-way ticket.

We should seriously stop stroking the egos of our politicians.

1 thought on “Fuel increase again? NOOOO”

  1. Err.. From where did you hear this?

    Geminianeyes: From some people la. I think it’s a rumour, but still… OMG NOT ANOTHER FUEL PRICE INCREASE! *Krais*

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