I must be insane.

I’ve written about 22,011 words in slightly less than 13 days. That means about 1,693.15 words a day. Which is not bad.

I have to keep doing this and build up a healthy reserve for the weekends, cause Gods know I won’t be around. I’m hoping to hit 25k soon, but it really depends. This is dependent on Calvin having more words than me, because having someone I can race against seems to be my only motivation for writing as insanely as I do now.

Oh, and I think the novel might do well on the market. It’s a very clichéd fantasy novel after all.

2 thoughts on “Insanity”

  1. Bah, like I’d ever want to hang with a SANE person!

    Sooo, tell me about the plot. :D?

    Geminianeyes: It’s just one phrase to summon up the whole thing.

    Plot? What Plot?

    No, I am NOT joking.

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