Nano Break

It’s 1.15am. This will be the third day in a row that I’m sleeping late. I should have been in bed 30 mins ago, but someone kept me up with random discussions about being dual-faced and all. I decided to simply read the blogs and see what was going on. I came across this entry. If anything, I can sympathise with her. My mom is a bit like that, only hers is why don’t you go to church et al. Dad is also another hypocrite, with him saying one thing one moment and saying something else the next.

That asides, what caught my attention was the phrase, “Organised religion.” It reminded me when a colleague at work showed me a video of a pastor’s wife who was apparently in sexy clothes and dancing with Wyclef John for a music video. It had stirred up a big controversy. He was curious to learn more, while me?

“It’s her choice. Let her do what she wants to do,” I shrugged it off. I can still remember saying that this was one of the reasons why I could not stand the Christian Churches; everyone is acting so holier-than-thou and expect men/women/children to act a certain way and behave a certain way. Honestly does it really matter to you what she does?

Of course, this also reminded me of another sore point I had with not just Christianity, but other organised religions.


I actually had a better post planned but Windows decided to give me that “BSOD.” I hate Windows.

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  1. Gomen, did not meant to kept you up for so long nor the stupid talk.

    Geminianeyes: *Hugs* Nah, it was alright. 🙂

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