*Big Sigh*

In which I take a deep breath and SIGH.

It looks like my parents have a very long way to go in accepting the fact that their daughter is no longer a little girl. I just told* my dad that I would be out this Saturday (Breakfast Appointment + Lunch + Clubbing) and my dad told me enough of this nonsense. He thinks that I should not be pulling off any more of this nonsense he had “graciously” allowed me to go to Penang earlier this month.

My initial reaction: Yeah Right Fuck Off. Then I took a deep breath.

Like hell I’m going to listen to him. I’ve quitted listening to him for a long time already. Do I feel scared? Not a bit. I feel resigned, yes, but it’s not resign that my dad has forbidden it and I won’t be going out. It’s resigned that I will be doing this without their blessing.

Not the first time and I think it’s not going to be the last. *Shrugs* Devil may care and all, but I’ll live this life the way I see fit, not as others, especially my parents, dictate. I’m no longer a child, and I refuse to be treated as one.

*Also, note that my parents (or more specifically that Man) hate it when my brother and I simply tell them things. It implies that we no longer have to ask them for permission, which means they have no more hold over us.

Which they don’t. At least not over me. If my brother is stupid enough to want to leech off my parents, that’s his problem. I don’t intend to.


6 thoughts on “*Big Sigh*”

  1. Good going mama! <3 Give it to them! XD

    I wish I was independant and financially stable enough to get the hell out of my house, that’s for sure ;_;

    Geminianeyes: Thank you darling. *Hugs*

  2. *huggles*

    Just hold on there slightly longer…and need me to source for cheap rent houses?

    Geminianeyes: Yes please, darling. But still need to keep money for rent.

  3. Hmm, maybe from now on you should just go anywhere as you please without having to ask any of your parents first.

    If Adam and Eve were the first children to disobey God, what makes your parents think that their children wouldn’t?

    Geminianeyes: Everyone hopes their kid would be different. 😛

  4. OMG. hi hi. 🙂 long time no see. i was checkin my google analytics and found that u linked to my page back in Oct 2006. hahah call me slow.
    about ur dad, i know EXACTLY what ur goin thru. But my dad is not as authoritative as yours. Both my parents don’t like me going out too much and too late but i compromise and have to ‘plan’ my outings on a weekly basis. at the same time, i think they feel unwanted now that all the birds have left the nest and i’m the only one remaining so i think its their way of holding on to me as long as they can.

    Geminianeyes: Thing is, my bro still lives with them. So how can they have empty nest syndrome?

  5. Thing is, my bro still lives with them. So how can they have empty nest syndrome?

    My parents have had empty nest syndrome since the day I was born. Or, more accurately, the day my sister left for London and they realized I was more than likely to do the same because I’m such a nomad. I would say it’s a typical Asian parent thing, except one of my dad’s friends (Indian) is totally the opposite – he doesn’t worry too much about his kids and would prefer that they stayed overseas; it’s the kids that are forever asking to visit!!

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