Tarot Reading from a Friend

Talk about Scary accuracy! There’s a lot of truth in all the cards, I’ll let you read it. 🙂

Card 1: You at the Moment: You’ve got a reversed 7 of pentacles showing; seems like you’re being jealous, possesive, stubborn or materialistic at the moment, concerned with money and the like a little too much. Earth is the element of pentacles, so there are some good traits too, like loyalty, steadyness and sensuality. ^^

Card 2: Your Emotions: Emotions? What emotions? We have the Ace of Wands appearing, a card that’s all about the mind, not the heart. You’re strongly focused on something artistic or intellectual that means a lot to you. Could be the Nanowrimo you’re doing!

Card 3: Influencing You: A stern man, the King of Wands, is hovering over your shoulder. He seems to dissaprove of what you’re doing, especially at school or in your work. He means well but he has too high of expectations for you.

Card 4: The Distant Past: Do you have a younger brother? Or maybe this card is you; in any case, the Page of Pentacles is here, a card showing a steady, practical youth who loved the outdoors. This part of your life was concerned with satisfying your curiosity and exploring your world.

Card 5: The Recent Past: Eight of Swords; lots of energy being expended towards a major goal. The swords are all lined up neatly in a row so that energy you spent was organized and efficient. Good for you! I hope you achieved whatever it was. This card is also reminding you thta you can achieve your dreams if you put forth the proper effort.

Card 6: The Immediate Future (2-3 Weeks): Thee of pentacles; beware a minor illness; your body/mind/heart will be out of balance and could cause a cold, flu, migraine, or other annoyance. Take ‘er easy!

Card 7: In the Home: Home is a good stable place to be, but it seems kind of empty to me. There’s definately something missing. Sure, it provides you with a roof, food, and clothes, the basics, but where’s the love?

Card 8: At School/Work: Nice! I love to see the Knight of Swords; passionate, energetic and determined, this is you on a quest for something; could be Nanowrimo or something bigger like graduating college or finding a new job right now. Whatever it is, you have the energy to get ‘er done!

Card 9: Hopes and Fears: Interesting; you don’t often see the Hermit under Hopes. The hermit represents inner knowledge, knowledge of the self and inner seeking. Know Thyself and To Thine Own Self be True are often connected with this card. Why this is a hope of yours only you know; I hope this card makes sense to you. If not, give it some thought.

Card 10: The Ultimate Outcome: This card is based on you today and your current situation. As you and your life changes, so too does this card. The Page of Wands; looks like you’re in for a life of longterm searching, curiousity and youthful thoughts and projects artistically or intellectually. This can also apply to career. It’s a positive card, looking to the future.