I was asking you out to dinner. And you raised my voice accusing me of wanting to go out and meet someone. Excuse me, would I call you out with me if I wanted to meet someone?

Even if I wanted to meet him, I would not meet him with you around. Considering your xenophobia and racism, that is not an option. You did not have to raise your voice and start screaming. In fact, you simply raised your voice for no reason at all. I am no longer 6 years old. I am no longer intimidated by you raising your voice. Screaming just tells me that you are feeling insecure and you want to release your stress and anger at someone.

I refuse to be that someone any longer.

1 thought on “Sigh”

  1. These days when my dad acts up, I stand in a position that sayd, “wah. Why the outburst?”. I imagine that would be embarrassing for him if he knew. Like children, people need to learn what is socially acceptable behavior and what is not.

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