Ending of Nano

As most can see, I’ve not only completed Nanowrimo, but I’ve actually had that verified as well. What does it mean? Well, for one, it means that yes, I am capable of writing 50 thousand words in one month, though that is an insane undertaking I wish I will never have to go through again. [Sarcasm on] I just can’t wait for NanoEdMo, which is the National Novel Editing Month.[/Sarcasm] This happens in March, when it is assumed that our brains have recovered from the insane rush and high of Nanowrimo to actually begin editing our works created during Nanowrimo. It has just one simple requirement: You MUST do 50 hours worth of edits in this month. They can range from simple formatting and spelling corrections to huge rewrites or even chunking out of sections. The only caveat is that you SHOULD not write anything new in the novel you’re editing.

Although my wordcounting days have ended, I realise that I’ve begun to feel the kick of writing again. I’ve switched from Naoko’s, Sukina’s and Kishan’s point of views to Anra’s, Annwn’s and Ta’Lern’s. Oddly enough, as soon as I had my wordcount verified by Chris Baty’s robots, Annwn came back to me with a much stronger voice and her personality was simply screaming to get through. She’s a wonderful person to talk to, but she’s also far more pushy than the other girls. She’s gone back to the way she was originally created, and wonderfully expanded too!

It is at this juncture that I would like to apologise to Naoko, Sukina, Kishan, Annwn, Ta’Lern and Anra. It would seem that Nanowrimo has made you guys become unnaturally two-dimensional, especially when the dates came closer. And that you became Mary and Gary Sues/Stus for a little while, especially that bit about the rescuing the ladies bit. I promise, I will rewrite (yes I love that scene, so what, Naoko? :P) but I will admit that it needs rewriting badly. Very much so. That will come when November is over though. đŸ˜›

At the end of this wonderful, tumultuous journey though, I discovered that yes, despite having fairly heavy weekends, many things happening and an incredible amount of work, I’m still capable of writing. I still love writing. I don’t feel depressed about it anymore. It’s different from late last month, when I was wondering why in the world was I writing, when everything seemed to be coming out like crap. All that paled in significance when Nano came around, and I started focusing on both work and writing, finding joy in both. Thank you for following me on this journey. Thank you for being patient with me.

Thank you all, for staying on this wild ride. They were right when they said No Plot, No Problem! Because while the story seems to have NOT ended, I know what’s coming next, and I’m hoping that everyone will stay on this ride. This now leads me to one simple Question:

If you don’t mind, who are you, my readers? Who reads this blog, and why? Why do you keep coming back to this blog?

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Ending of Nano”

  1. Congratulations! OMG, I can’t imagine myself writing 50K words, let alone in a month. Maybe it’s because I’m not a creative person, and I definitely despise creating stories (novel lah), I’d be better of writing campaign brochures (gulps!).

    Congrats once again đŸ™‚

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