2 Memes for teh Price of One!

First, from kemuridono
1. Leave me a casual comment of no particular significance, like a lyric to your current favorite song, your favorite kind of sandwich, or maybe your favorite game. Any remark, meaningless or not.
2. I will respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. Update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. Include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in your own post.
5. When others respond with a desultory comment, you will ask them five questions.

1. How is the working life treating you?
I’m doing rather well, though I need to step up a bit. Work is good, but I’m not up to my own standards, so I need to push myself.

2. The best method of relaxation when you’re stressed out?
Tough. This depends on my mood. It depends on whether I want to kill someone kind of stress, or OMG IT’S DUE ALREADY???!!ELEVENTYONE kind. If it’s the former, I play para or anything suitably violent. If it’s the latter, I flail and panic and then I relax.

3. Would you go drinking with us the next time we meet? ;p
Am I driving? 😛 If I am, then no. If not… BRING ON THE CHAMPAGNE BABY! (No I don’t really like the taste of alcohol but I haven’t gotten the chance to drink much yet anyway). 😛

4. Book recommendations.
What genre? I’d recommend Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul, Book of Angels (for sheer prettiness!) and Five People You Meet in Heaven for semi-non-fiction. Other than that… Good Omens, Lois McMaster Bujold and anything by Pratchett. Monstrous Regiment remains one of my favourites.

5. Ever thought of publishing a book?
Yes. As soon as I finish writing and editing Dreamer’s Key.


Second Meme, from viceice

Link to your tagger (Nick in this case) and post these rules.< List eight (8) random facts about yourself. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them). Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

1. I find it very difficult to finish a creative work I started. This can be anything from paintings to writing to drawing. Starting it is very easy for me, but the thought of the end is terrifying. I discovered this, incidentally, when I was doing Nanowrimo: The thought of hitting 50,000 words became more and more scary as I neared my goal. I don’t know why, but finishing creative stuff that I do for myself (not for work) terrifies me.

2. My favourite colour is blue, but I cannot wear too much of it. Apparently I am not suited for it.

3. I am a spelling/grammar Nazi. Need I say more?

4. My muses now total six. Three guys and three girls. The guys remain silent mostly, while the girls… let’s not go there.

5. I enjoy wearing feminine clothes (such as skirts and all) but at the same time I hate wearing them. Call it a Gemini thing.

6. I love coffee more than tea, but my coffee must always be sweetened while my tea I drink straight. Weird huh?

7. Insanity is a state of mind, of zen for me. Nothing’s better than being high.

8. I donate blood but I am scared of needles.

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