Target Ghetto!

Manga: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Chrome Dokuro, from Wiki:
A 13-year-old girl who wears a Kokuyo school uniform and shares the same ‘pineapple’ hairstyle as Mukuro. The official character book reveals that she dislikes pineapples as a food along with oily foods. Her favorite foods are syrup and popcorn, and she also likes cats. She was born in Japan on December 5, is 152cm tall and weighs 41kg.

Mostly militaristic
– Can either be tailored or made very simply. Material should be easy to find.

-OMG Military boots. Knee-length. Aiks.

Bare-stomach or close to it
– I need to exercise more.

– Aiks, this one I gotta be careful, cause the eyepatch has a skull motif on it.

– Especially the slim kind I LIKE!

-According to the Internets, her hair is either purple or blue. In manga it is black. :p
Contact lenses
– because I cannot see otherwise.

… Looks very doable. So… I think I may do Saya + Chrome next year. Both of them have short hair, so phew.

And no, I won’t be doing Mukuro. It’s tempting, but damnit, Mukuro is so much taller than I am! I’d have to be at least the cosplayer for Gokudera’s height, and I’m nowhere near his!