AMBP- The Golden Compass

WARNING: Fangirling and shameless plug for movie up ahead!

Now, this is one movie I certainly want to watch! Got this from the AllMalaysians Blogger’s Project on Facebook via [Sashi], and lemme tell you:

It’s so cute and cuddly
Definately ain’t gonna share
Wanna hug it silly!

Heheh, random lines, right? Now, shameless wanting for bear done, lemme tell you just WHY I want to watch the Golden Compass.

Although the Golden Compass (more romantically known as the book titled, “The Northern Lights”) has been condemned for being anti-Christian and promoting atheism, I honestly find the book refreshing. Not only has Pullman managed to combine urban fantasy and high fantasy well (yes, you may start rolling your eyes now – Sukina), but he’s also reminded readers of something very important.

The purity of a child’s innocent laugh, even if the protagonists seem far more mature beyond their years.

The film adaptation promises to tone down on many of Pullman’s controversies, but if my colleague’s reaction is anything to go by, it promises to be a fantastic movie! Just the kind I like watching.

So, are you going to follow the Golden Compass?