DiGi Store Reload

This is a friendly Advertorial:

DiGi now has a Store Reload function, where you can store extra credit for your reload without using them. Here’s how it works:

1. Reload your DiGi number with RM30.
2. Store RM20 with DiGi store reload and activate RM10.
3. After 2 days, you discover you’ve used up your RM10. What do you do?
4. Dial *128#, and activate RM10 from the RM20 you’ve kept in Store Reload (or more, depending on the value you want to activate).

Let’s say that you’ve reloaded multiple times since that day you first used Store Reload. However, you’ve not used the Store Reload since that day. Three months down the road, you find yourself at a family wedding with no credit and no way to reload. What do you do?

Read the steps above. :p

You can reload your number with Store Reload anytime, anywhere. Once you’ve reloaded your phone, the normal validity time limit comes into play, so if you reload RM15 it will be for 5 days. So, don’t worry about running out of credit again! If you’re the type that reloads for the sake of validity rather than actual credit use, look into this. You can reload RM50 in one go and activate only RM30 and then activate the remaining RM20 when you need it.

Time To Change. DiGi. *Is bricked by everyone*