Irresponsibility has not changed

No, this is not about what the Minister did in bed. That’s for the more wiser (and presumably more morally-inclined) heads to gossip talk about.

I’m talking about two boys I know, who although they are WELL above the legal age AND should know what’s the meaning of responsibility, do not understand a word of it. Not only responsibility, but also about being considerate to others. I’m crossposting this to LJ because one of them only reads the FList, which is his choice.

I am pissed off at the first because he keeps blaming external conditions for what is obviously his own desires. It’s one thing to claim you cannot study because you have ADD, it’s another to say that you MIGHT have. Even worse, that is simply an excuse. BTW, in case you didn’t notice, good luck in looking for that video job that will give you sane hours. If you studied this and you intend to work in that field, don’t whine about the hours. If you can’t take it, look for another job. You don’t have to stay in that field.

Also, if people don’t pick up the phone from 12am onwards, they’re sleeping. Or most likely to be. You know she’s exhausted, why are you still calling?

Unless of course, you’re allergic to hard work, in which case I pity your parents and the people who love you, because they are going to suffer for your curable allergy.

As to the second…


I’m horribly disappointed with you. Having someone to help you does not mean that you can happily drop YOUR allotted task and go off gallivanting. Even more, it does not allow you to skip meetings simply because you think that you are no longer leading that department. You holding that post does NOT end till AFTER the Comm has said you may go. Even more… WHO THE HELL GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO SIMPLY PUSH THINGS TO OTHERS? You are the leader, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY DAMNIT.

Also, please, if you want to make a speech, please say you want to and don’t put others on the spot. I don’t think the others noticed, but I did. I can see it when someone plans to say something by getting someone else to lead the way, because I’ve done it myself.

Oh, and by the way? I’m glad on one hand she broke up with you. She deserves much better than you.

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  1. Deputy Minister? I thought he was the Minister? LOL.

    Geminianeyes: He is. My bad, I kept thinking he was Deputy because I read he was a Vice-President of MCA.

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