This is actually overdue, considering just how much art I’m requesting people to do of the Triune Pairs. (Yay new names! *Is bricked by her muses* Ow!). The funny thing about this family is that the blood runs so strongly in those that Karma (Goddess of Fate) touches and the ones who are validated by Chance (the Goddess of Chance as her name, and the only person that the Destroyer Created with no help from the Creator. Legends has it that she was so amused and pleased with the creation that she imbued it with a sense of mischief, which caused no end of Grief to the Supremes Being) that they look similar to each other. Paraphrasing an idea from the Eddings, they looked so much alike that the daughter and mother would not have to stretch their imagination to see what they would look when they were older; they would only have to look at their grandmother.

If she survived, of course. Did I mention that the families have an extremely short lifespan? Most don’t live to see their children past mid-teens. It’s consider a blessing if they make it past their children’s seventh birthday.

Now, on to the Triune!

Creator’s Triune

The Princesses (Toriyama Family in current world)
Current Princess: Sukina Toriyama
Mother: Seruling Toriyama
Ancestress: Suriyana Toriyama

Eyes: Sea Blue
Hair: Blond
Skin: Pale-skinned, sunburns easily.
Build: Slim, only slight curves here and there to suggest that she’s a female
Height: About 5ft 4 (Suriyana), 5ft 6 (Sukina)
Weight: About 48kg

Misc: The women of this line have a tendency to pull their hair back from their face, especially just before the ears. Suriyana’s hair, as such, was pulled back in a simple bun, while Sukina’s was a bit more elaborate, with three thin plaits on each side pulled back and held with a red rose. Most also have a thin, wavy fringe across the forehead.

Favourite Clothes: Miko outfits. Most of the women of the Princess line were raised as Shrine maidens, and preferred the stability of the Temple to the adventurer’s life.

The Shadow (Sisters) (Kensaku/Lumos Family in current world)
Current Shadow: Naoko Kensaku
Mother: Naoya Kensaku
No known ancestress for now

Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Dark Brown, nearly black
Skin: Tanned, bronze-toned
Build: Slim, but with a fuller figure than her sister.
Height: 5ft 6 (Naoko)
Weight: 52kg

Misc: The women of this line are all fiercely independent, though they defer to their Princess when it comes to making large decisions. They are also noticeably maternal, and their protective instincts are the most powerful in the Triune. They all look similar to each other, but unlike their Princesses, they have a large variety of hairstyles and eye colours. Each of them are also warriors trained from birth to protect their Princesses. They specialise in assassination and close combat.

Fave clothes: Short robes/pants for easy movements and concealment of weapons.

The Striker (Brother) (Takami/ Clan name unknown in current world)
Current Striker: Kishan Takami
Mother: Unknown
Father: Irie Takami
No known ancestors for now

Eyes: Dark brown, nearly black
Hair: Black, Spiky
Skin: Fair, pale
Build: Tall, thin, muscular
Height: 6ft 3
Weight: –

Misc: The men of this line are all Element Masters, and each control one of the four classical elements with different degrees of mastery. They are at their strongest protecting the Princess from afar, and as such are often called the Invisible Bodyguards. Because of their nature, they often take on jobs for the Princess. The jobs can range from simple recon to assassination to arranging a coup. Due to several circumstances though, Naoko and Kishan have switched places for this generation. Kishan stays closer to the Princess and protects her, while their sister, Naoko, carries out Sukina’s commands.


Destroyer’s Triune

Note: Unlike the Creator’s Triune, who place emphasis on family and thus care for their extended family as well, the Destroyer’s Triune are highly individualistic. Once they accept the responsibility and burden of being part of the Destroyer’s Triune, they discard their family names, and refer to each other only by their first names.

The Princes (Family name unknown in current world)
Current Prince: Anra (The current generation shares the same name with the one who was involved with Suriyana)
Ancestor: Anra

Eyes: Black
Hair: Black, Spiky
Skin: Fair, pale
Build: Tall, thin, muscular
Height: 5ft 11
Weight: 56kg

Misc: The men of this line tend to be faithful to one woman at a time, even if they seduce others in their wake. They will stop at nothing to gain their target, though they are also extremely perceptive men. Unlike the Creator’s Triune, they do not look much like each other, though Princes who share the same birth name tend to take on the same look as their namesakes. The current Prince and his ancestor resemble the first Anra very closely.

The Gallant (Family Name Unknown)

Current Gallant: Seo/Hikizu
Parents: Unknown
Ancestor: Shamsir (Swordsman)

Eyes: Deep brown
Hair: Black, shoulder length/short
Skin: Tanned
Build: Musular (Shamsir)/ Thin (Seo/Hikizu)
Height: 6ft 4
Weight: –

Misc: More than the rest of the Triune, the Gallants match themselves to the times they live in. In many generations, they seem to be embody the ideal man; if the times call for a man of brute strength, then they will look like that. If times call for a quiet, thin man, then they will evolve to be that man. They are the only family whose genetics adapt to their surroundings very quickly, which is the reason why Shamsir looks very different from Seo, who is his great-great-great grandchild. This gives them an advantage over identifying the Shadow of the Creator’s Triune. They perform the same function as the Shadows; they guard their Princes closely.

The Mistress
Current Mistress: Annwn
Parents: Unknown
Ancestor: Otero

Eyes: Green
Hair: Deep red, copper-touched
Skin: Fair
Build: Voluptuous
Height: 5ft 7

Misc: The women of this line have been very generous with their figures, exhibiting certain similar traits from one daughter to the next. They are not only beautiful, but engaging and care deeply for their brothers. However, it has to be noted that she gets extremely violent in the presence of the Striker. There is a certain force between them that will draw them together, and if not managed properly, could harm all within physical proximity.



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