Grab A Nano

Wii! I bring you another DiGi Advertorial! *Is bricked by her readers*

No, really, the reason why I’m writing this post is because I want one but I can’t get it because I’m indirectly tied to DiGi. T_T That means I can’t take part in the contest. Unless of course, someone takes part and gives me the iPod Nano… *Looks meaningfully at a certain someone*

How does Grab-A-Nano work?

Well, if you have a 3G/Wap-enabled phone, just head to (most phones will automatically set DiGi’s WAP Page as Home if you are a DiGi user), then click on the Grab-A-Nano icon. It’ll ask you whether you really want to join the contest and if you do, you’ll be given your first hint! Then dive into the DiGi Wap site and find the icon (hint: most clues are plays on words and the clue icons are located at the bottom, so you’ll need to enable your phone to show full content including pictures if you’re going to spot it).

When you’ve found the icon, select it and it will show you your next clue! Don’t worry if your clue doesn’t really fit the section you’re in. You don’t have to go in the clue order set. As long as you find and click on the icon, it’ll be registered and you’ll get your next hint! When you’re done, you’ll be awarded with 3 points! You can do the hunt over and over again, as many times as you like (or your credit will allow ^^;)! The clues change daily, so you’ll need to surf every day! Also, the highest 2 winners at the end of each week will be decided by how many points you’ve managed to gather.

So, whatcha waiting for? Grab a DiGi pack now! (Or head on over to on your mobile now!)

More info can be found here