Beginning of Day

Back to work after MC yesterday for a fungal infection and a diagnosis of overexhaustion. I’m still feeling a bit sleepy, but it’s better than yesterday when I could barely drag myself out of bed. Of course, the most exciting things always happen when I’m not in the office (work related stuff) and today Thunderbird decides to hide all my previous emails. Which scared me to no end. Restarting it three times got them back though, and sending a test email to myself helped it to wake up. I need to sort my inbox soon.


Also, Nii-chan, I have a horrible feeling that that’s her fate. It’s even sadder that Malaysians will probably forget about her two weeks down the road.

Morning news aren’t that great either. Transport hikes seem to be on the way, though there are a number of reasons that I find laughable. Personally speaking, I think the hike for the KTMB is unjustified. With the kind of service they are running for their Komuter line, I don’t think an increase in fare hikes will do much, except to promote them being more lax than what they are already.

Ah well. I shall stop my rants for now and get back to work. Oh, and before I go, a reminder:

Have you seen THIS little girl?