Week Three

Since little Linie/Ninie went missing. No news of her yet, though according to the papers and the police they are confident that she has not been taken out of the country. I agree. They are also confident of solving the case, but on that I have to ask.

Would they be solving the case before or after they find her body?

2 thoughts on “Week Three”

  1. Oh yeah like I mention before in 3 month previously [September 2007] you probably forgotten all about it, and you probably had.

    Nurin the very reason you ‘thought’ you will not forget, but you had… people had forgotten all about her. So what happened to the saying that you wanted to go kill the guy with your own hands and that other nonsense?

    Don’t lie to yourself to cover yourself, truthfully had you forgotten about Nurin? What had you done for her and what are you doing now for Sharlinie?

    Think about it.

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