Untiled Pic of Sharlinie

Linie Kak Tembam has been doing a fantastic job of keeping the search on blogs for Sharlinie, even as media interest has started to wane. There was also the point that perhaps little Sharlinie has had her appearance changed. It has been three weeks since she had disappeared, and while the police are being overworked looking for the little girl, we still have %&$E*($#*$^$ pranksters calling up her parents and family trying to pull a prank.

That said, we now have a straight picture of Sharlinie thanks to Hard-T (linked from Kak Tembam). Please, spread the word about little Ninie and keep an eye out for her. Don’t let her be another Nurin!

1 thought on “Untiled Pic of Sharlinie”

  1. Hi Naoko, thanks for the link. The pix looks awesome doesn’t it? I just love when bloggers come up with such great ideas. Much as you know who won’t admit it, bloggers are a force to be reckoned with.


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