Old 80s Movies

I remember when I was a kid, I watched two movies which I could never remember the name. The first involved a man trying to reach his girlfriend/wife by going through obstacles in his way.

Each time he was nearing his wife, the villain would do something and they would be transported (literally) to another world/setting where he was at one end and his wife was at another. I seem to remember something like an ice castle in one setting and the other was either a club or a rock concert setting where the guy had to push his way through hundreds of people to reach his wife/girlfriend. They were both from our world though, and the sorcerer I think was not.

The other involved a castle that would disappear at sunup and would reappear somewhere else. A princess had been kidnapped and the hero, a barbarian, would have to climb the walls of the palace before the sun came up else he and his merry band would be falling as the castle disappeared.

Anyone remember these two movies?

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  1. Go ask on AskMefi! They’re usually great at finding out old movies like these.

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    Geminianeyes: Thanks for the heads up! Will write post tomorrow? :3

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