Goddess Profile: Celeste

For my reference

Gaian Name: Naoko Kensaku
Immortal / Character Name: Celeste, Goddess of Death

Gender: Female

Appearance: 20-Something or younger, depending on her whim. Jet-black hair reaching to her shoulders with violet eyes. Her skin is very pale, almost alabaster-white, an inheritance from her father, Hades. Her ruby-red lips though, were from her mother, the only spot of colour she inherited. She has a very slim build (though she does have some curves that identify herself as a female) and her favourite outfit is a knee-length black Grecian gown, held together at the waist with a girdle tied with the ankh symbol. Her shoulder clasps are also made of the same symbol.

Race: Olympian

Personality: Celeste is a cold young woman who is warm only to her Priesthood. She finds most other deities trivial and immortals a bore. Her favourite thing to do is to go among mortals and follow their lives to see what threads of Fate have been woven for them.

Immortal’s Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Scythe: the ability to rip one’s soul from their body even though they are still alive and well. She is also able to trap that soul, keeping it from experiencing rebirth or reincarnation. As Death, she also has a say in the conditions set for rebirth. Thus, souls may be reborn as mortals with their memories intact, total loss, powers (if any) sealed or revoked completely, or even into different forms such as Shikigamis (family protector spirits).

She determines (to a large extent, when devoid of instructions from the Goddess of Fate) what to do with a soul.

Immortal’s Weaknesses (Only for 4W’s RP, does not apply otherwise): A good late summer/early autumn harvest will keep Celeste very busy, as she will disguise herself as a mortal and will join in the harvest. During this time, she retains her ability to rip souls from their bodies, but she is unable to rip it unless they are already dying. She is, however, immune to bodily harm and all that.

In her immortal state, she is not immune to the sleep weakness but her Priestesses keep watch over her then. However, she is also weak to threats regarding her Priestesses.

Short History & Comments: Celeste is the love-child of Persephone and Hades, her mother having paid a terrible price to bear her. Celeste will not be able to bear children, being born barren like her father’s Underworld Realm. However, that does not concern Celeste as she prefers being asexual. She is not inclined to flirt much, preferring to keep aloof, but she does notices things. In the presence of other Gods and Goddess, she takes on the aspect of a 14-16 year old, noticing that others tended to overlook someone young, even the Immortals.