LimgamGate in Full Swing

LinieAnd the papers seem to have already forgotten Nurin and Linie. It’s been one week since the bomohs made their prediction, and unfortunately, little Linie did not turn up. We shouldn’t give up looking for her!

Someone suggested to me that we should setup an inquiry into what the police are doing searching for Linie. Pardon me, but the police are still looking for her. They aren’t sitting down on their butts doing nothing.

But I fear the worst…

On a more cheerful note, here’s a wonderful statement from our beloved Prime Minister, as taken from the NST, emphasis mine:

The performance of your ministries and departments will be measured by your success in implementing impactful projects, not just by your capabilities in spending 100 per cent of the allocations.

Now that’s hitting the nail on the head!