Happy Happy Happy Moments!

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Obligatory “How do I enter” Section: Remember this? Well, guess what? Happy’s having a Happy Moments contest! All you need to do is just make an entry on your blog about what makes you happy, then put the code in your blog and submit your post link to Happy! It’s very simple! Yes, you can also use pictures and videos, if that’s your thing.

Please note: The TOP 10 most voted Happy entries will be shortlisted. Final 3 will be decided by the Happy Team.

Now, for what makes ME happy:

Happiness is walking home in the rain with an umbrella over my head and the sound of the rain thundering above. Happiness is coming home to someone who hugs and kisses you upon entry, no matter how wet you are after running in the rain. Happiness is spending time with a good book, wrapped in a warm blanket, and a hot cup of tea nearby.

Happiness, most of all, is simply being content with what you have, and existing in the moment.

2 thoughts on “Happy Happy Happy Moments!”

  1. so sweet! i have to agree about that one too. it certainly makes you happy.. sigh… we are lucky that we are still in this world.. experiencing things that some others wont be able to feel.. =) and most of all, the things that happen around us.. do make us happy..

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