[Politics] Dorama Begins!

Truly, who needs Japanese and Korean dramas when you have real-life dramas happening on your doorstep? If there was any indication that the General Elections is drawing near, this is it! :3

Although I must say, the mudslinging between Abdullah’s underlings and the Oppositions have been very amusing though it also shows their lack of maturity. Abdullah though, is making it hard to resist voting for him, because he keeps saying the right things.

Compared to some of his underlings and subordinates who seem to be intent on saying the wrong things. Ah well. That’s politics for you!

Edit: Though I must say, I am very humbled by Shahrizat. That woman does really know her job and her constituents, and although I was amused by her comment that she will treat Nurul Izzah (Anwar’s eldest daughter who’s supposed to be contesting in Pantai Dalam, Shahrizat’s constituency) as a mother would treat her daughter. The first thought that came to mind was a sharp rap on the head, “Mother knows best!”

That aside, you have to have respect for a woman who would kiss the hand of her opponent in a humble gesture. Story from the Star.