Spiky Goose: Part 1

Random Harry Potter fanfic. Hopefully three parts. I’ll also put this up later on FF.net to be murdered. :3

The window shattered as the red-headed girl screamed. Her scream was cut off abruptly as she fell to the floor in a shower of glass. Whimpering, she looked up only to find her assailant looming before her, floating outside the shattered window frame. His laugh was mocking as he raised his left hand, a blue flame surrounding it. He stepped through the window, still floating as he addressed the girl, the blue flame building up in intensity.

“That was a merry chase ye led us on, me lass, and I thank ye for it. But all good things must come to an end,” he cackled madly and thrust his arm at her, unleashing the flame.

The girl screamed again, throwing her hand over her eyes in a futile attempt to shield herself. She did not feel a scorching flame engulfing her, but a cooling breeze that refreshed her instead. Not trusting her senses, she left the wind wash over her for a moment before she moved her hand from her eyes. What she saw was a woman with flowing black hair standing in front of her, her arms crossed at the wrist at eye level. The red-headed girl knew that stance well; someone was using a device to generate a shield. Specifically, she was using a Wrist-Lock device.

The shield though, was not meant to contain the flames but divert them instead. The flames flew around them, scorching the walls and whatever was behind them. It was effective enough that for a moment, the girl and her saviour were covered by the blue flames. There was an odd ringing sound as the flames burned, and it came from behind her. She could not see where it was coming from. As it happened though, the man withdrew the flames after a few moments to see the effect. The woman did not hesitate. As soon as the flame’s intensity dropped, she jumped forward, bringing her right hand up to punch the man squarely in the face.

It connected with a sickening crack, but the woman was not done. Through the noise, the young girl could hear the clear clinking of binds falling; the woman must have had more than one device, not a rarity in this country. The speed by which she unleashed the devices were unusual. It spoke of a master at work or one who was simply too powerful for their own good, both not unusual either. The man suddenly gurgled and the girl felt herself being picked up and pulled far away. She could hear the man flailing, but the woman did not move very far from the man.

“Karem, answer my phone! Tell them I’ll need Sacha!” The woman held the girl in her arms, holding her across the shoulders. A man moved slowly to answer the phone as the woman held on to the girl tightly, her other hand raised in the direction of the man flailing in a ball of water.

“What is your name, child?” the woman spoke for the first time as the man she spoke to earlier began speaking into a small device. Her voice betrayed her age. The girl was sure that the woman could not be more than a few years older than her.

“Rose,” the girl replied, a little terrified. The man was struggling in a large, watery orb, and she could no longer see the blue flame, but she did not think that the water would have put it out.

“Watch. Sealing Devices can be used not only to seal powers, but after the initial unsealing or even before they are unsealed, they may be used as defense-purpose items. This one is called the Oceanids. What element does that inform you?” the woman spoke as though she was lecturing.


“You’re their child indeed. Stay behind this line and whatever you do, don’t cross it. I will not be able to protect you if you do,” the woman threw Rose behind her, towards one of her colleagues, before she raced forward again. The orb burst and disappeared in a mist of steam, but the man was already poised to meet the woman’s attack. With a loud roar, he lunged.

The woman turned and executed a spinning kick, her heel landing squarely on the man’s cheek. The impact pushed him to a side, and he hit the floor, actually creating a small impact where he landed. She did not let up. As he tried to regain his bearings, he became aware of something hurtling towards his eyes. Unfortunately he was unable to summon the energy to move out of the way, and so he felt pinpricks under his eye with the telltale signs of a poisoned needle. He began to scream as the poison worked, clawing at his face till it was bloody. It was then that the woman kicked him square in the face, knocking him out.

She walked to the window and looked out, scanning the skies for something.

“This child is now under the protection of the Bennu. Do not touch her,” the woman shouted to the sky.

Nothing answered her.