[Politics] New Party??? Among other news

There seems to be a new political party in town comprising of mainly students, called Parti Mahasiswa Negara or National Students’ Party. This is pretty big news, especially to Malaysian students because there’s a law in the Universities and Colleges Act that specifically does NOT allow students to become involved in politics.

It’s a rather interesting development, though I think they will not be able to wrest Badawi’s seat from him. They’re planning to contest in Kepala Batas, which is Pak Lah’s (as he’s more fondly known) constituency and if I’m not wrong, his hometown. This is certainly shaping up to be a very interesting election.

Also, I’m surprised by Effendi stepping down as a Minister. I dunno, maybe it’s because I rarely heard about him. Either way, he went out gracefully. Have fun teaching, Effendi!

I wish Samy and Najib would go though. Mreh, don’t think that will happen.

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