[Politics] Bombshell!

OMG… Fong Po Kuan, one of the most vocal female politicians in Malaysia (who started off in the days when female politicians were mostly quiet) has announced that she will NOT be contesting the coming general elections, due to infighting within the DAP.

There were those who were trying to get her to contest in Johor because that was where her husband was based (they should have made him contest in Perak instead!), while there were a number of state leaders who were eyeing her seat simply because she won in the last general elections. No matter what though, IT’S A BLOODY CRYING SHAME.

She’s one of the best politicians I know, fiery in nickname (she was branded a cili padi, a small type of chilli. The smaller it was, the more fiery in taste, and although she was small, she was very fiery). I know a lot of politicians, especially the Male Chauvinistic Pigs in UMNO, will be celebrating her departure. They could never take a woman who stood as their equal and in the face, especially one as Fong Po Kuan.

Raise hell, Fong Po Kuan. You can do it!

A sincere admirer

Edit: In case you want to read her blog, here’s her apology to everyone.