Prompt: Green Heartache

They opened the box to find a green puppy within. It was a plush soft toy, and almost immediately, they began fighting over it. It was small and cute, with black beads for eyes and a woeful expression.

Each wanted to take it home, and they argued long into the night, until the police came over to break them up. Then they compromised, with each taking the dog home for a night.

The first night, the girl slept with the dog in her arms, cuddling him close. As the full moon’s light fell on the puppy, it’s eyes glowed red. The girl mumbled in her sleep, disturbed.

The next morning, the girl sat on the roof of her house, singing while kicking her legs, dangerously close to losing her balance.

That day, a friend came by and took the puppy away silently, without telling anyone. There were many people going in and out of the house, so he was able to sneak away undetected.

That night, he put the puppy plushie on his table, where the light of the waning moon fell. This time, as he slept, the eyes glowed green. His computer monitor was suddenly filled with popups.

The next morning, he went out for his morning jog and was passing by the edge of the lake when something jumped out of the water, shocking him.

That day, a pair of twins took the green puppy. They came to the house early in the morning when the man was out. On their way home, they passed by the park, where a large crowd gathered by the lake.

The twins read the label on the puppy and followed it. At 3pm, they washed the puppy and put it in the hot sun to dry. That night, they left it in the living room, watching their father asleep.

The puppy’s eyes did not glow that night. Instead, a group of men were found mauled the next morning, with a bit of soft dog fur dyed in green on some.

The instructions have read: This is a GUARD PUPPY, not a SOFT TOY. Give him sunshine and love, not moonlight and hugs! He will guard you if you love him!