5 Years Online

5 years a member. I joined Gaia on 18 August 2003, back in the day when servers were named Cheese, Sushi and when Personals were still around. I was there for the first Gaian Olympic Games, where Ian lost because he was flirting (heh!), we saw Gambino berating Gino for not being to run as fast, and where I believe Moira made her appearance with Vanessa.

I was there when there was only one town, Barton. I was there when Durem came to life. I was there when Fishing began. I was there when they actually put in a marketplace that was automated and was more of a small store than a forum. I was there before trade. I was there when getting a fox tail was only 200 gold. Mostly less.

I was there when there was only one kind of rare. I was there when bumping/posting was the only way to get rares. I was a customer of Meriko’s and Kimiko’s before Kimi gave birth to her first baby and Meri became a developer ([Luc] should know what I’m talking about). I was there when Gaia began to have actual storylines, starting with the Von Helsons.

More importantly, I was there when Gaia was Go-Gaia. šŸ˜€ And when the name change was a delightful surprise, though at first I found it annoying because of the longer name.

So it was a pleasant surprise to open Gaia today and say: