Life goes on

I wanted to write about how I got caught in the massive mini-jam near Old Town in PJ because of Nomination Day today, then as I drove to A&W, it turned into an idea about how life goes on, and when I was eating I thought about how A&W is such a landmark in PJ that most of us could not even think of it not being there anymore.

As I was sitting there eating my waffle, I thought of how that A&W was a landmark even before I was born. I thought about how it’s always been there. Of how it was not that much different from when I remembered it as a kid. I know it sounds silly but I want to pass it down to my kids.

Then I thought about the Malaysia we are in today, about one of the reasons why the youths are so important, and a reason for them to realise that they should vote even if they think (like I do) that BN will win anyway.

Because at the end of the day, what kind of Malaysia are we going to build for our children?