Of Edits, Rewrites and Some Meditation

[Quick Political Note] I’m bored of the General Elections already. Can’t we just vote already? 😛 Yes, I’ve made up my mind. [/Note]

Now that that’s out of the way…

Had a blast last Saturday when we celebrated our Nanowrimo Municipal Liaison’s birthday (check out her tech blog here!) at Buono Sera in SS2 (which is near my house, actually) despite the headache I had. While the pizzas were so-so (Not really having an appetite for pizza these days), the tiramisu is nothing short of divine. The last time I had such great tiramisu was way back in 2002 when [Nick] dragged me to Suchan. Unfortunately, Suchan’s quality seems to have gone down the last time I went there (last visit was sometime in 2006/2007 I think). However, [William] was not joking when he said that the tiramisu was good. It was soft, moist, with just the hint of springiness and melts in your mouth.

Of course, I supposed the fact that I melted in my seat speaks for itself, no? 😛

I also take this opportunity to apologise to everyone (especially Lyn) for geeking out over random, obscure stuff with [Cal] despite the fact that he sat at one end of the table and I was on the other end and we made all those in between get caught with our randomness. Still, it’s not always I get to have such fun beyond the emails. :3

On Friday night, before the meetup, I decided to go through my Nanowrimo project again (just to see what horrors I committed) and yes, it was as bad as I thought it might be. Pruning it will be a massive task, but it’s not the pruning I’m worried about, more of the beginning and the end. I’m not really satisfied with most of it, because it feels like a rushed work, but it CAN be done! Like the procrastinator I am though, I’m going to wait till after GACC (Games Anime Comics Circle) before I do. The girls are starting to get restless, and when they do, I always wait till someone begins talking coherently again before I write (And yes, Naoko, I agree with Sukina, the GE is very restless but far less dangerous compared to the Alin’sa politics. At least in the GE you don’t really have to worry about getting stabbed or being made infertile).

I did make a few minor edits, mainly to spelling and grammer. I apparently wrote a para that was supposed to refer to “she” as “he” instead. (Insert headdesking here). Finished reading through it yesterday and more or less cringed. Still, for 62 pages of nothingness, I think the gist is there, although yes, I do seriously need to put an end to the story. There’s a reason why I chose the title, and why I chose the focus and to quote the Nano page, why I chose that story, so it’s merely a matter of finding that center again.

No, I will not join Summer Wrimo, Sukina.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention! Went to a NLP half-day intro course on Saturday before the dinner and it was very interesting to say the least. Learnt a few new tactics, but what I liked most was the meditation bit. It was a simple, basic kind of meditation, but it was calming and rather peaceful. Think I’ll add that to my list of morning things to do including the situps.

Which reminds me, I need to check on my bed. It seems to be falling apart. ^^;

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