Family Bush!

Ti, if you still have that software, would you like to help me create the family bush? Cause here’s parts of it:


*In order of age: Zend, Evil, Zymz
Zend’s children: Kemu + Yukina (twins, but since Zend could only take care of one he gave Yukina away to Evil), Sizer (who needs no taking care of since she can kick ass on her own)

Evil’s children: Yukina (Adopted), RRJ (Yukina’s son, also Onini’s and Neko’s mother, Tokiya is RRJ’s ex-wife)

Zymz: No children as yet, but is Naoko’s pet

Aiko, Yukina: Naoko’s younger sister

Dai: Silvy (sister to Raz and Naoko) and Sky’s mama

#Comicfiesta (aka where the headaches begin)
Founder of Channel: Hentai God `rylands

*Son: Iluna


Gan: Married to Ciel. He’s the wife

Children: 4
– Onini (sister to Neko, Mika, Mintos, Karie, Kathros and Iluna)
– Ren (brother to Naoko, Gyp, Yukina, Shun, Aiko)
– Teh-O (Somehow related to Juufan?)
– Seiji
Grandson: Deru
Gan’s Mother: Tuna *one third of the Boobsy Trio*

Gan also once married Kiyaa and had a child named Star


Naoko’s branch:
Seme to Raz (sister to Silvy)

Elder brothers: Hisa, Phil (yuri_shibuya), Gyp, Shun (Shun, Edo and Yuu are triplets)
Younger brother: Ren (Sister: Tuna)
Younger sisters: Aiko, Yukina, WildDrive (Axel), Juufan (Godmother to Deru), Silvy

Children: Onini (Married to Rukapyon), Neko, Mika (Married to Vrock), Mintos (Dating Elder), Karie, Kathros, May (Mintos and May are Naoko’s children with Raz)

Parents: ElderG (Dating Mintos), Kyme (Onini’s daughter)

Pets: Zymz, Michy, Shoji (Mintos’ Pet)


Master of Jin
Part of the Tsubasa, Solara and Shereen Triplets
Master of Izzu

Naoko Kensaku

Geminian Rat. Carried by an Aries Bear.

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