GACC 08 Report

GACC 2008 was fantastic! The committee did a fantastic job of the whole event, especially with their Command Centre. I noticed that none of their committee members cosplayed and there was a large number of helpers. Far more than CF had anyway, or was it just that their members were more visible? Hmm… Either way, it’s food for thought. Personally I would not mind not cosplaying at the end of the year if I was a Committee Member of CF (I’m not that into cosplay but I really do enjoy it) and yes, I’m starting to enjoy the camwhoring that comes with it. Though I make a pretty plump and slouchy Saya… IMUSTNOTSLOUCHIMUSTNOTSLOUCH. IMUSTTONETUMMYIMUSTTONETUMMYIMUSTTONETUMMY.

That aside, there were not enough doujin booths, like what someone else mentioned. The sponsors’ booth didn’t really attract me, except for the announcement by Anime Tech that their artbooks were going off at a 50% discount at the end of Day 2… Which I couldn’t take advantage of cause I had to rush home to send [Lacry] to the airport. T_T Artbooks!! *Sniff* I ish sad. Although I did put in a preorder for Heise’s artbook. In case you wanted to know, this is Heise’s artwork. The guy’s from China and has a few resellers around Asia, with one of them opening a booth during GACC. Unfortunately, the print I wanted was sold out, so I settled on the next best thing.

I got the artbook instead. šŸ˜›

Had to preorder it, and since Silvy told me later that she had also ordered from the same person, I did not really have any qualms about handing over my money to her. The preorders could take up to a few months, but I don’t mind as it’s Heise. He’s the second artiste from whom I’m buying artbooks. The first would be kiDChan at CF last year. I just can’t believe that I can get Heise’s art! It’s… Godlike! :p I love the colours.

Among the other things I got was posters (arrrrrghhhh! Deru’s prints that I bought with Mintos’ are still in the car! I hope they’re not squished!) was the aforementioned prints, a cute Mokona sitting on my comp at work now and a Hibird atop one of the two Teddies that [Raz] gave me for my birthday last year. I also got a copy of Zend’s JuLah, which was done in 2006. I prefer the latest he did for Deru. The lines are cleaner. ^^: Also saw some prints in there, including one of Akira (Deru) plaiting Lulu-tan’s (Ren’s) hair. Yes, that happens very often in real life. šŸ˜€ Let’s see… I also got myself some Kamcao prints that were going at RM1.50 each (which is a drastic from their RM3-5 usual price). I missed out on Sil’s Queen prints and the customised emotes! I wanted to have a few so I could show my colleagues when they gave me work. šŸ™

I keep telling myself to buy and in the end I didn’t. šŸ™

Now, for the actual report of what happened… Warning: WALL OF TEXT AHEAD!

Day 1

Was woken up by the sound of Cruel Angel’s Thesis and wondering what was the significance of the song in my latest dream before I rolled over and picked up my phone to check the time. It was then I realised why I kept hearing Cruel Angel’s Thesis. It was Lacry, who had arrived at the meeting point. Groggily, I rolled around in my bed a bit, did my exercises, meditation, etc etc, then headed out to bath. Waking up my bro was another ‘fun’ bit, but we soon went to pick Lac up and headed to Malacca. As expected, it would take us about 2 hours to reach MMU, which made sense. I was going at 110km/per hour most of the time, so us reaching there at about 10 was just nice. We did make a stop at the Senawang Rest area though, because I needed to go to the Loo and my bro wanted to drive.

Got a bit lost on the way to MMU once we left the Ayer Keroh toll. Here’s a bit of a funny story: I misread Edo’s map and told my brother to turn at the FIRST set of traffic lights instead of the second. Now, some weeks before, Edo had told me that the old Ayer Keroh Police Station had been moved, so we should not look out for it. Instead we were to strike it from the map. I didn’t, and so we took the wrong turning and guess what.

We ended up at the new Kontinjen Polis Ayer Keroh anyway (new police quarters). There, we made an illegal U-turn to ask for directions and found out that MMU was literally down the road two turns away. -_-” We got there in one piece, met up with Ciel and Gan, and bro drove his car to park in front of Shoji, who managed to land a spot directly in front of the event hall entrance. We got out, took our stuff, and changed into our costumes. It was a surprise actually, to hear that the GACC bus had still not arrived (we reached at about 10.05).

The bigger surprise was to hear that the massive IRCFiesta convoy (about 5-6 cars and a van) only reached around 10.30, which is hilarious considering that they were supposed to have left at 6.30am. *Is glad she decided not to convoy*

Missed the opening video though. Sigh.

I didn’t take as many pics as I should have, as I was just concentrating on running around and enjoying myself. At least I didn’t feel like how I felt during CF, which was to run away from everything or just hide myself in a corner and sleep. Instead, I ended up walking around half-blind as I had taken off my glasses for Saya. Here, have a pic from Tsukushi. Yes, I was tired, I have fat, and not enough angst. The sword is cool though! Done by [Raz] in one month and many sleepless nights. *Hugs her Hagi*

This time, I felt really relaxed, although a bit of rushing ensued with the group cosplay comp and the check in of the rooms. I liked my apartment. For the price we paid, I thought the double queen beds and single beds were rather worth it, though some felt the towels and all were a bit dodgy. Either way, I liked the room.

It’s suffice to say… The group cosplay comp was many, many randoms of hilarity. Videos WILL follow, once I figure out how to upload them all in one go. šŸ˜›

Day ended with a mass convoy to the hotel (Shereen, Jin and me got a ride back with Dai and Tuna, THANKS A LOT GUYS) while bro, Lac, [Raz], Tsubasa and Solara headed back together as their stuff was in the car already. My bro was kept sufficiently amused by the new DS I’d gotten as a gift, so he was cranky when its battery died. šŸ˜› We went back to the rooms, relaxed a bit, had dinner, then came back to the room to shower. Tried to stay up late for my bro to come home when he went out for dinner with our cousins but couldn’t last and konked out at around 11pm. Was awoken by [Leo] and Fallen who’d come looking for our roommates who were out like lamps, followed by Jin a few minutes later looking for them. -_-“

Missed the Jonker Street outing but considered that alright cause I was resting in the room instead. Ah… bed.

Apparently I let my brother in without knowing, cause when I woke up the next day, I asked him who let him in and he said I did.

Day 2

Leisurely breakfast, rush bath and packing in that order. Decided on the costume at the last minute, bro did two trips, then got dressed in costume and tried to look for Sil’s help to do the hair styling. Was stopped when I was walking out of the hallway by people taking pics of Saya. Lac told me later that she had heard some people saying excitedly, “There’s Blood+ today!” In case you didn’t know (and I’m suspecting a fair number don’t) I was cosplaying the main character from Blood+. Didn’t do a good job of it, but it was more of the poses I chose, not to mention, the fat. x_x If someone from GACC who has a pic of me on day 2 please send ASAP cause I want to see? *Wibbles*

Managed to get a mini photoshoot done with the help of [Silencer] (thanks Fazri!) with random people coming to also request for photos. ^_^v Yes I’m a bit happy that at least I’m considered a bit photoworthy. I also have a teaser pic that will have nothing whatsoever to do with the actual photoshoot. šŸ˜›

Here we go.

Day ended by us getting to KLIA in a rush without staying to find out who won the solo cosplay comp. We reached the airport just a little after eight, and was relieved to hear that check in was only at 9.15, so Lac bought me and bro dinner at KFC. ^_^ Then went home, semi-unpacked, and went online. I logged on and despite my body’s protest, stayed up a few hours to resize the pics in the gallery before knocking out on the bed.

Ah, bed.

End long, lengthy report.

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  1. Lol. Glad that you enjoyed the event. ^_^

    About none of the committees cosplayed, correction there: there were committees who cosplayed, it’s just that they didn’t wear their tags.

    Geminianeyes: So were they there as normal congoers or there as Emina members or there as committee members in disguise? šŸ˜›

  2. Heise is opening a booth in CF?*_*


    Geminianeyes: Sorry dear, my bad. It’s GACC. But her reseller’s in the CF forum, go look under Doujinshi promo.

  3. Can you check the CF forum to ascertain your details.

    Thank you.

    P/S: The PC crashed for a while during GACC day 1. We are trying to make sure that everyone’s order is intact. >_< Please do inform your friends who ordered too. Thank you.

    Geminianeyes: Hi hi! Have already confirmed the order in the forum. Thanks a lot for tracking me down! Didn’t realise you didn’t know I confirmed. šŸ™‚

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