[Politics] Time to pay!

Polling Day is nearly here. After 13 days of mudslinging, everything will be decided in a few hours. Twenty four hours from now, Malaysian voters who had bothered to register and go back to their hometown/voting arena will be marking that one slip of paper that will elect one person to be their constituency’s voice for the next 4 years (theoretically it’s five but since when have we had a full 5 years?).

In just under 23 hours, many first-time voters will be casting their ballots. Many will be marking X to tell the Yang DiPertuan Agong whom we want in our government for the next five years. Many will be making a stand on their leaders and issues. Voters will have to finish shopping for a candidate by then.

I hope Mak Bedah will be proud of us when we vote. I hope the candidate that gets chosen will actually fulfil their promises. I hope the Malaysia that appears in the next five years will be one where I would be able to raise my children without fear that they will be taken away because I’m not the same religion as they are. I hope for a Malaysia that will make me feel proud again of being a Malaysian. I hope for a Malaysia that truly does not discriminate against race and religion, just like how it was during my school days. I hope for a Malaysia that is open enough to accept that not everyone will think the same way as she does, and that whatever moral decisions you make, is between you and your God/Universe/choose your deity.

I also hope for a Malaysia in which we have TRUE broadband competition and connectivity; one whereby TMI does NOT cap our speeds. I hope for a Malaysia where the bloody city councils are also open on Saturdays so that people like me can go and pay after office hours, where the city council staff are PROFESSIONAL enough to understand that “I want all my summons in a nice list, not every bloody notice you send to my house.” I want a city council that is accessible, and reasonable.

I hope for a Malaysia where we no longer have little Napoleans who stop legitimate people from getting their citizenship. I hope for a Malaysia where I can walk to my grandmother’s house, fifteen minutes away from mine, without worrying about getting robbed. I wish for a Malaysia where politicians think before they open their mouths (Naoko: You DO realise that this is impossible, right?).

I wish for all those Male Chauvinistic Pigs in UMNO and MIC to go. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Samy Vellu, and you, Jerai Parliamentarian).

That is all.

PS: If you’re disgusted with BN and the Opposition, and AM a Kuala Terengganu voter, please support Mak Maimun! If you can’t, help us campaign for this gutsy 89 year old granny. You can check out her Facebook group here, and her blog here.

9 thoughts on “[Politics] Time to pay!”

  1. a malaysia where your children will not be taken away because they are of a different religion.
    what the hell do you mean by that? do you care to explain yourself. you are giving the impression to others like we live in a country ruled by Gestapo. if u want to blog, go ahead but excercise a little sense of responsibility. we dont live in a gestapo state and if it happens in wherever it is you are from, i would like to hear about it. my email has been provided. i got my eyes on you man. and so does the malaysian secret service. you are going down.

    Geminianeyes: What do I mean by it? Revathi Massosai mean anything to you? Doing jail time and having your kids taken away from you because you are “supposedly” a Muslim, even if you are a Hindu and not being able to hold them is what I would consider having your kids taken away from you because you’re a different religion.

    If that’s not enough, does the name Dharvin Joshua and Sharvin mean anything? Or rather, Subashini Rajasingam.

    Also, I don’t usually email people unless I have a good reason to. I have a meebo box in my sidebar. Please make use of it. Thank you.

  2. ezy: Revathy ring a bell to you? 😛

    Don’t be such a fake-ass punk, dude. “You’re going down” because of a blog entry…riiiiiiiiiiiight. Go after the thieves and the corrupters – y’know, actual threats.

    Geminianeyes: Thanks for the support! Revathi, Lina Joy, Subashini… the list goes on. 🙂

  3. Again, my favourite quote this week:

    Siapa makan cili, dialah terasa pedas. Kenapa mau marah-marah? LOL.

    Geminianeyes: ^_^v Ironically, he came from YOUR page. 😮

  4. Who the hell think you are, Ezy? And which black hole have you been living in all this while? Or have you been blinded in your fanatical support for govt and brainwashed to the extend that you think its all rosy in Motherland Malaysia?

    The glaring offences and human rights infringement committed by the religious fanatics of this country have made us look like a mini Taliban, you dolt! I fear for people like you. I fear for Malaysia if its ever run by people like you. And I fear for the future of this country if there are countless young people with mentalities like yours.

  5. Ok ok… Ezy, you’re laughable, immature and just don’t know what you’re saying. But I guess its your hobby to trawl for “enemy sites” to feed to the “malaysian secret service” huh?

    Sure on the surface, everything looks rosy about this country. But if you dig deep into the very abyss that is the BN govt, you’re fine plenty of rottenness that’ll foul you up.

    Go back to bed, honey. You’re not worth our time.

  6. Oooo1 touchy. This is going to be fun. Unfortunately, I’m a bit busy right now but will certainly be back after the election results. See ya, suckas.

  7. Oh Shit! BN lost big time but at least we’re still the government of the day. For how long, I don’t know but we’re sure as hell bent on protecting our vested interest so that we can keep on pillaging.
    I feel sorry for the whole bunch here who seem to be idealist and just don’t giddit. You guys can only be Pisces, romantic worthless idealist who can’t seem to get grips with the real world. I am where I am because I am street smart unlike you guys who seem to think that the world is made up of tree huggers and John Lennon(s). Grow up or better still wake up!
    I gotto go and get my daily cuppa of Latte.

    Geminianeyes: Wow. You can’t even read now, can you? What in the world gave you the idea that any of us here was a Pisces? Also, um, you can read but you can’t understand can you? Else I think you would have noted that the address of this blog is GEMINIaneyes. -_-”

    Street smart in what sense, pray tell? I can’t tell whether you’re being sarcastic or just plain annoying. Please clarify. But don’t stop posting. Your inanity makes me smile.

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