Race in Malaysia

Means enjoying a serving of nasi pulut with kurma curry and Chinese tea in a house filled with relatives from all different races.

Means sitting in a coffeeshop and watching a group of Indian men making faces at the little Chinese baby at the next table while the mummy looks on in amusement.

Means sitting down with friends at a local eatery talking about everything and anything under the sun (in most cases moon) regardless of race.

Means helping someone out of their car and into their wheelchair without caring whether they are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Orang Asli, Dayak, Kadazan, Bajau or lain-lain.

Means pulling together and caring for children without caring about the colour of their skin.

Means looking out for each other.

Means enjoying a eleven pm chat with your next door neighbour because he just came back from dinner and you’re outside smoking.

Means dressing up in each other’s costumes during festivals.

Means greeting your neighbour and him keeping an eye on you when you go home and go out to school and tuition during your schooling days.

Means falling in love with someone even of a different skin colour and legal religious status and no one batting an eyelid (except for the kepohchis).

Means mixing different languages and not knowing or caring what means what as long as it gets the message across. (Macha, teh o ais satu! Kor kor, nasi lemak one!)

Race… is humanity.

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  1. i love this fact and will blog it and quote everything from your page here.

    thank you for a touching fact about this country, and if only everyone realizes this value, we would be very united.

    Geminianeyes: Thanks for your kind words! Please pass it around, but I would appreciate it if you linked the post to this one! Thanks again!

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