Games for Sachiko

This is Sachiko. Games as recommended by Geoff:

Trauma Center (Hehehe! Surgical mess!)
The latest Pokemon (this should be fun!)
All 4 Phoenix Wright Games (am already playing Justice for All)
Brain Age games (Mental training… I could use that)

Recommended by [Dustyhawk]
Professor Layton 8 hours into the game and still addicted as anything. Yes I play it slowly!

Blogging list:
Update on life
Cosplay Projects
Childhood Memories (Blog post)
100 meters Meme for [Pelf] (see! I remembered! :P)
Add Blogroll sidebar (ADDED!)

Writing projects:
Balsam Rewrite

1 thought on “Games for Sachiko”

  1. Hahha, you have just reminded me that I have a couple of out-standing memes to complete. Sometimes I wished I have more than 24 hours in a day!

    Geminianeyes: Hahaha! I want some time to sleep too!

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