Literacy is a precious commodity

I’m reminded today why even though my Google Page Rank has dropped (no thanks to PayPerPost, but it’s a blessing in disguise), that I don’t really like mixing around in Malaysian bloggersphere. Mixing English and Malay is one thing, but when your entries are:

1.his mom really2 want to c me..siap invite utk bermalam kat umah dorang..erkk, tu yg wat
diriku nervous n xsenang duduk.(soon, tggu lu eh, nt ade ms kite dtg)

– Taken from a local blog, which is a Happy Moments Contest entry, found here. Also, I feel a need to mention that yes, that was also the original formatting.

Would writing in proper sentences be too much to ask from these people? I absolutely HATE reading entries in SMS speak. GAH! No wonder a lot of Malaysians are considered dumb! They can’t even write properly!!!

*Stomps away*